Risk Survey Launched

2015 Global Risk Maturity Survey launched

MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation and Infosys Global Risk Advisory Group survey aims to better understand how industry perceives risk and challenges.

This week, as part of its research, the MIT Forum and Infosys Global Risk Advisory Group released the 2015 Global Risk Maturity Survey, specifically to the financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and retail industries. The objective of the survey is to determine if industry believes that risk is increasing in the face of the digital economy and if so, what risks are increasing. Further, the survey will determine, by industry, which risk types are most concerning, how companies currently monitor risk in their enterprise, and how they see analytics and data science as part of their future strategy to address risk and achieve a competitive advantage.

Read more in the recent News Release.

You are invited to participate in the 2015 Global Risk Maturity Survey.

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