About Us

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation (the Forum) is a unique community composed of academics and industry sponsors whose support allows Forum researchers to provide customer-focused solutions to design and manage the new supply chain.

The Forum has pioneered a deeper understanding of the supply chain and its relationship to corporate strategy and has broad support from a wide cross-section of industry.

Building a better supply chain together

The supply chain has never been more important to an organization. Increasingly, customers are demanding, and expecting, products specifically designed to their needs for the same or lower prices. The “market of one” is the new norm for the enterprise, and as this process of “mass customization” happens, so must a new and more flexible supply chain. Without it, the enterprise will waste money, be less focused on the needs of the customer, and suffer from new competitive threats.

Forum research is helping sponsors of the community clearly see the relationship between their supply chain and their business strategy:

How this relationship…

  • …ensures competitive advantage
  • …means customers who demand more will get more
  • …means that implementing new strategy means implementing a new supply chain.

All of this is becoming clearer to our sponsors.

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