The Forum delivers tools to aid the supply chain community in several ways, including:

  • Access to Thought Leading Research
  • Participation in Meetings at MIT and Europe
  • Access to Lectures and Presentations from Prior Meetings
  • Ability to Design and Sponsor Highly Targeted Research

Also available to members is access to various activities and resources of the Forum:


  • Invitation to participate in applicable research;
  • Executive Research Summaries – Members are given copies of research they participate in;
  • Quarterly bulletins will be sent to Members;
  • Website access – Research members have access to online reports and conference presentations;
  • Software learning tools (e.g. Beer Game and Procurement Portal);


  • All Research Member benefits, plus
  • Seminars and symposia – Three seats to all Forum seminars. Each is focused on a specific supply chain issue, such as technology implementation or advanced supply chain analysis and how that will impact members;
  • Access to quarterly Forum webinars;
  • Will receive a company specific benchmark report from studies they have participated in (and when applicable);
  • Access to one workshop per year on subject of choice.

For more information on how your company can benefit from becoming a member the Forum, contact us.