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A New Approach to Manage Supply Chain Risk

November 16, 2015

What risks could disrupt your firm’s supply chain and dramatically affect the bottom line? Firms in all industries are exposed to a variety of low-probability/high-impact risks that have the potential to disrupt operations and significantly damage the business. These risks are difficult to predict and quantify—and therefore are extremely difficult to manage. As a result,…

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Risk Survey Launched

August 18, 2015

2015 Global Risk Maturity Survey launched MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation and Infosys Global Risk Advisory Group survey aims to better understand how industry perceives risk and challenges. This week, as part of its research, the MIT Forum and Infosys Global Risk Advisory Group released the 2015 Global Risk Maturity Survey, specifically to the…

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Find the Weak Link in Your Supply Chain

June 10, 2015

A big challenge in today’s world of far-flung, complex supply chains is the limited understanding of the impact on your operations of unexpected disruption at one supplier’s site. To address this issue, my colleagues William Schmidt of Cornell, Yehua Wei of Duke, and I developed a method to help prioritize the financial or operational impact…

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Ford 2015 Engineering Excellence Award

May 7, 2015

David Simchi-Levi, three of his PhD students and 5 colleagues from Ford, received the Ford 2015 Engineering Excellence Award for “Identifying Risks and Mitigating Disruptions in the Ford Supply Chain.” Research was done with former PhD students William Schmidt (now on the faculty at Cornell), Yehua Wei (now on the faculty at Duke) and current…

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Manufacturing Innovation Consortium Launched and Honorary Board Member Announced

April 7, 2015

MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation launches Manufacturing Innovation Consortium The MIT Forum also announces Ravi Kumar, Executive Vice President of Infosys, as honorary board member of Technology Advisory Board The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation has announced that it has launched the Manufacturing Innovation Consortium, which will be directed by the Forum’s Technology…

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